A deeply personal series of images in response to the grieving process and recovery from loss.

Is beyond comprehension if you are consumed by it. It is something that never ceases until you do. It stays inside as if having a life unto itself, inside your innermost psyche, it will not disappear until you do. Everything aids its recall, memory, vision, taste, and smell, adding to one’s life and its journey, the realisation that it will never go away.

This book is a portrayal of grieving, you experience many different thoughts and feelings. Feelings are not just good or bad. They just are.

- Brian Griffin September 2022

Photography:  Josh Hight
Foreword: Brian Griffin
Design: Studio Small
Publisher: Hight & Irons
Book Details:

first edition
250 hand numbered
75 copies w/
signed and hand numbered limted 6x8 print
cloth bound hardcover slipsleeve with tipped in image. cloth bound hardcover book with embossed logo.
52 pages
39 photographs
195mm x 265mm